The Inland, Wetlands and Watercourses Commission is assigned, “To protect and regulate activities affecting the inland, wetlands and watercourses” in town.

There are seven members, including two from the Conservation Commission and one from the Waterfront Harbor Management Commission, and two alternates, appointed by the Mayor to 4-year terms.

At-large representatives are:

James Tucciarone (I)

Robert Jontos (R)

Ronald Hojdich (D), Chairman

Thomas Fahy (D)

Conservation Commission representatives are:

Robert Connolly (R)

Anthony Ross (D)

The Waterfront Harbor Management Commission representative is:

Edward Scinto (R)

Alternate members are:

John Waite

Anthony Capuano (D)

Town representatives are

John Rusatsky, Zoning Enforcement Officer  

Brian Carey, Conservation Administrator