Located at at the end of Peters Lane, off of James Farm Road, Roosevelt Forest is the only town-owned forest in Connecticut. Approximately 250 acres, it is located in the northern section of Stratford abutting Shelton.

Roosevelt Forest was set up during the Great Depression on from land purchased by then-Town Manager Donald D. Sammis. It was developed in large part through President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Work Projects Administration, designed to provide jobs for public projects.

According to “An Introductory Guide to Stratford’s Natural Environs” published in 1990 by the Town of Stratford’s Conservation Commission, “The park was established to provide recreational opportunities for townspeople, and to protect the watershed, wildlife and beauty of this fine example of mixed deciduous forest.”

Use is restricted to Stratford residents and guests. Valid town beach/park stickers must be on all vehicles entering the park.

No hunting, trapping or fishing is allowed.

Pets must be on a leash.

No minibikes, snowmobiles or other alternate terrain vehicles are allowed There is no smoking on trails.

Visitions may not remove plants and are asked not to litter.

Information can be found at www.rooseveltforest.info.