The Stratford School Readiness and Child Care Advisory Council, also known as SRACCAC, is the voice for early care and education in the Town of Stratford. The SRACCAC fosters joint planning and action between the Town government and the Stratford Public Schools on behalf of all Stratford children birth through age 8. Advisory to the mayor and superintendent of schools, the council is comprised of early childhood professionals, community organizations including the Stratford Library Association, public school personnel, Town department representatives and parents.

It formed in July of 1998 as one of the requirements of Stratford’s School Readiness grant from the State Department of Education. Although the School Readiness grant continues to provide child care scholarships for 15 eligible 3- and 4-year-olds, the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (GMF) has provided funding for the planning and action work of the SRACCAC since 2002. At that time, Stratford was selected along with 48 other communities throughout the state to improve the lives of its youngest children by expanding the supply of high quality early care and education; increasing the quality of early childhood education; building strong connections between early care and elementary education; and improving students’ social, emotional and academic performance. To date, GMF has dedicated more than $32 million to Connecticut’s youngest children.

Residents interested in early care and education may participate. Information is available from Stratford Parents’ Place at 203-381-6992.